Long Live Absolution is a project I’ve been working on for… a while.

I wanted to make something I could bring to life through the collaborative efforts of the numerous talented artists I’ve had the fortune of meeting throughout the years. Unlike my other works, Long Live Absolution is not illustrated by myself, but instead by an ever growing collection of artists every chapter. I’d like this to not only be a passion held by myself, but an experience I can share with many others, whether it be through direct collaboration or with readers along the way.

 I want this to be a way to grow as a writer

A way to grow as a creator

And to finally fulfill a passion project that has been in my head since 2013

So thank you for coming to this website. 2013 Cuddlep00p would be thrilled, and lord knows current day Cuddlep00p is too.

I hope you enjoy the read